A Bit About iBrattleboro Classifieds

Did someone say Classifieds?

iBrattleboro now has Classified Ads in a variety of flavors. Here is some information to get you familiar with some of the options.

1. Click on Browse: Classifieds in the upper green bar to get to the Classifieds section. Listings default to an old-fashioned style for browsing. You will see tabs for General Classifieds, Housing, and Jobs.

2. Want to change how to see the ads? Right underneath the Classifieds header image is a link to Classified Index. Click it to see things organized by category. The number next to each category tells you how many ads are in that section. 

3. Click on a category name in either view to see all ads in that category.

4. Click on the Browse link (under the Classifieds header) to return to the Browse mode.

5. To list an ad, you have a few choices.:

  • Free Classified – 256 character limit, no photos or links
  • Premium Classified – No text limit, up to 5 images, links allowed – $7 dollars for 7 days
  • Job Listing – standard job listing – $50 for 30 days
  • Housing Listing – for rentals and FSBO – $75 for 30 days

The thought here is that anyone should be able to post a limited free ad, but anyone interested can pay a minimal fee to enhance that ad. The Job Listings are the same as before, replacing the previous iBrattleboro Job Market. The Housing listings are a new option.

6. Log in and click on “List You Classified Ad” to begin.

7. Choose a type of ad, and click “Get one now.”

8. For a Free ad, give your ad a descriptive title, choose a SINGLE classified category using the pulldown menus, click on ADD, and type your ad into the Body text box. A counter beneath the box shows you how many characters you’ve used. Enter your phone number so people can contact you. Preview, make corrections, and save your ad.

9, Paid ads are the same process, but other options become available after you pay via PayPal. You can use the Image Picker to add images to your ad, text limits are removed, and so on.

10. Because you logged in to list you ad, you can track how it is doing, lower the price, and make other edits as needed.

11. Because you logged in, you will get an email reminder asking if you’d like to extend your ad three days before it expires.

12. The Classified section has special sidebars, showing the latest classified ads, and the ads that have been getting the most views.

13. The latest few ads are highlighted on the homepage in the sidebar.

14. If someone allows email contact, other logged in users can contact them by clicking on their name. If not, follow instructions in the ad, or use the provided phone number.

 15. Classifieds ads have their own policies. Short version – you are responsible for your actions, not us, and there are lots of prohibited items so follow all applicable laws. They apply.

We’re really excited to be able to provide this new platform for finding and getting rid of things. Enjoy!

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