Would You Like Some Spam?

We have a number of checks and balances built into the iBrattleboro system to keep you, dear reader, from ever seeing submissions by spammers.

The submissions come in at a regular pace, and are in two categories. The first are people who try to join to get an account to post spam. This is why we ask new members to tell us something that lets us know you are from around here. Foreign spammers and mindless bots can’t name anything, and we delete their attempt. We see lots of spammers with Russian email accounts, but also attempts from China and other places.

The second category is stories. We allow anyone to submit something whether they are logged in or not, and ask that if you aren’t logged in to provide some contact info in your submission. This means that while sorting through stories and events from you, we see these other attempts to sneak in stories with links to nefarious sites.

The last ten spammer-submitted stories had these titles:

100% Virgin Human Hair Wholesalers,Wholesale Virgin Hair At Ms Lula
Wikipedia – The Amazing Online Encyclopedia
bitcoin indonesia
Get A Brand New Look On Women Fashion
Local Attractions date How To Get Self Confidence
How A Funeral Helped Lose tummy Fat And launched A Toning hard Abs?
Use Power Saving and Also Efficient 1157 Led Bulbs In Your Car
Know the Very Best methods Of Finding utilized vehicles California
Spring Tenancy Cleaning

Sorry if you were hoping to read about these fascinating topics. We deleted them.

From a personal, moderator point of view, it’s always a good day when more local humans submit stories and events than spammers. Real locals using the site is what it is all about. There are days when real, local humans are put to shame, submission-wise, though. That bitcoin story was submitted often for about a week before they finally gave up.

We also do our best to keep you away from anything that tracks or profiles you. That’s not our business model, and we work hard to avoid invasive technology on your behalf.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek under the hood. And, since you read this, you get a secret: we’re hard at work at a new version of iBrattleboro that should both be done relatively soon, and also be very phone and tablet friendly. We’re trying to simplify and make things easier. We’re also going to add a level of social-ness, but within the local, iBrattleboro universe. More on all of this soon.

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