Let’s Look at The Directory of Local Links

Continuing our exploration of the new site design, we’ll take a quick look at the directory of local links.

As you might expect, this is our online guide to local businesses and organizations. There are a couple others in town (the Chamber, the town’s list of Business License holders,) but they cost money. We know that small businesses and non-profits don’t have a lot of extra money,  and often it is when budgets are tight that some extra, free publicity could be useful. So, free Local Links!

We had this with both other versions of iBrattleboro, but decided this time around to start fresh. All old listings were wiped out (some were very out of date) and we’re starting to fill it back up.

You can get to them via the Browse menu> local links.

When you get there, you have a few choices. You can look at listings by category. This will become more useful as more listings are added. Right now it looks a little empty, but that’s OK.

You can click on View All Listings to see what the listings actually look like, and click on the business name to go to the full listing page and contact said business or organization.

If you click on Directory, you’ll be taken back to the category list.

The search engine will help you find keywords in any of the listings. There is an advanced search option for those who like to control their searches with a bit more accuracy.

The final option here is to Create a Listing. You can choose your category, provide your business/organization name, short description, full description, web address, phone, email, tags, address and zip code. You can also submit an image (a logo, staff, or building photo.)

So, it takes about 10 minutes to get your free listing. If you need help, let us know. We hope to see you in the local links soon.

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  • We won't do it for you... but want to see you here.

    Remember to add your Brattleboro area business/organization…. (I’d add them all myself but you need control over your own publicity. When you log in to create the listing, you can then make changes at any point in the future.)

    Just today I had to – gasp- use a search engine to find a local business. Make it stop!

  • Did I say?

    This is free, you know. All it takes is a few moments to list your business/organization.

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