Let’s Look At Photo Fun

The new Photo Fun looks great, and a few have you have already found out how to put photos up. Excellent!

For the rest, you can login and add a photo by using the Contribute menu in the upper blue bar. This takes you to a simple form for uploading your photo.

Add a title, short description if you want, add your photo, and add tags to describe what’s in the image.

It’s easy to do from a phone or tablet. Take your photo of something in your neighborhood or around town, then submit it here. Your phone should allow you to choose among your recent photos.

Once approved, photos go into Photo Fun. There is a carousel near the bottom of the homepage that shows them as large thumbnails. There are arrows on the right and left to help you move the slides forward or back.

You can also go to the full Photo Fun Gallery page. There’s a link near the homepage slideshow, and also Photos are their own item in the menu.

Nice display, eh? Roll over a photo to see the title. Click on it to get a larger lightbox view of the image. (If you rollover the lightbox images, you’ll also see arrows to help step forward or back.)

That’s about all you need to know.  We look forward to your best shots.

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