Brattleboro Savings & Loan Is Accepting Non-Perishables For The Load The Latchis Event

Drop off your non-perishable groceries ahead of time at BS&L! Leave them with me (Brandie Starr) and they will be some of the first to fill the seats of the Latchis Theater. BS&L will accept groceries today until 5pm, and Monday 9-5!! email or call me at 275.3985 for more details.

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  • Still collecting...

    Note the Monday hours… : )

  • There is still time!

    Groceries are still trickling in, bring yours to Brandie Starr at BS&L before 5pm this evening!

    • Thanks Brandie

      On behalf of everyone, thanks for volunteering to do this.

      • ongoing, tough problem

        I’ve been reading the autobiography of Will Rogers, who has a sharp tongue for those allowing others to starve during the Depression.

        In some ways, I think the hunger problem in America today is hidden a bit by all the good programs set up to help people. Those that are fed rarely see those that are hungry. The hungry are out there somewhere, they think, but are generally taken care of by food drives or assistance like this one.

        During the Depression, it seems hunger was more visible to more people via lines of unemployed people, and those waiting for soup.

        It’s a year round problem, though, and much larger than any community can truly solve. It’s really awful to think that anyone, kids especially, go to sleep hungry.

        As annikee says – thanks to all who work on this issue day in and day out.

        How do we solve it? Education? Employment? Community food production? I don’t know.

        • I wish I knew the answer

          The first year we participated in this event we held it in our parking lot as the Latchis had suffered damage from Irene. We collected 900 bags of groceries, and a couple thousand dollars in cash. It was wonderful. That was enough to stock the Drop-In Center and the food shelves they distribute to, for a little over a week…. a week…

          I think it can feel overwhelming when you try and think of a way to solve it all in your head. I just try and do what my heart feels is best and pray that others are doing the same. While I have some ideas, none of them are a cure-all for the amount of need in our communities and in the world in general. I like to think that if everyone does something good, those somethings will add up to more than one person can do alone.

          I do like the community food production idea.. though I am a better coordinator than I am am a gardener!!

      • It is truly my pleasure. WKVT

        It is truly my pleasure. WKVT had a great idea when they came up with this food drive.

  • Come on in or go to the Latchis!

    I will be here at the bank for a couple of hours this morning before heading down to the Latchis, so you can drop off here, or come on down to Flat Street and drop off your non-perishables. The volunteers will make it quick and easy for you!

  • Load the Latchis is today!

    Bring some non-perishables down and help fill all the seats with donated food. Every bag helps, every can and box counts. And don’t forget baby and child supplies, they get hungry too.

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