Resistance Then and Now: Mary Dingee Fillmore

Meet author Mary Dingee Fillmore on November 15th at 7pm, at Brooks Memorial Library!

She asks us to consider the following questions: “What would I have done to stop the Holocaust? What should I resist in our world today?” To help us find answers, Mary will examine the dilemmas people faced in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam – how people resisted and what happened when they did. Together, we’ll look at resistance in our own times, and connect our experience to Rachel Klein, the teenaged underground worker who is the heroine of Mary’s Dingee Fillmore’s award-winning novel.

She is the author of “An Address in Amsterdam,” an acclaimed historical novel about a young Jewish woman who risks her life in the anti-Nazi underground. It’s on “must-read” lists for Buzzfeed, Brit+Co, PopSugar, Bookstr, and Redbook, and won the Sarton Women’s Book Award for Historical Fiction. For more information about her work:

This image is of Miep Geis, who helped to hide Anne Frank and her family during WWII.

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