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Gematria is the practice of coding numbers into words.  In the beginning, according to the Book of Formation, God merged the letter with the number. Gematria is from the Kabbalah.

There are many different ways or ciphers to figure out the Gematria of a word or phrase. The English ordinal method a=1, b=2,c=3, z=26..etc  The English Reduction method: z=26..2+6=8  The Reverse English ordinal method: a=26, b=25…y=2,z=1  and the Reverse Reduction method: a=8, b=7..etc..These follow the rules of numerology. The letter “S” is the 19th letter in the alphabet. In reduction “s” can also be 10 and 1.

The mainstream stories of our “free” press are coded. Recently, retired Justice John Paul Stevens argued for the repeal of the second amendment.  This happened on 3/27/2018.  A day with 68 numerology, 3+27+18+20=68.

In Gematria, “Second Amendment”=68 (English reduction with the “S” exception) (S=10, e=5, c=3, o=6, n=5,d=4)-1+5+3+6+5+4=33 (a=1,m=4,e=5,n=5,d=4,m=4,e=5,n=5,t=2) 1+4+5+5+4+4+5+5+2=35  33+35=68

He wrote an “op-ed”..oped=68 in Reverse Ordinal (o=12,p=11,e=22,d=23=68)

John Paul Stevens=57 Supreme Court =57 in English Reduction ..repeal=57 in English Ordinal

retired justice=76 and Second Amendment=76 in Reverse Reduction

This day also has 30 numerology. 3/27..3+27=30  repeal=30 in English Reduction

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