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Gematria is the practice of coding numbers into words.  In the beginning, according to the Book of Formation, God merged the letter with the number. Gematria is from the Kabbalah.

There are many different ways or ciphers to figure out the Gematria of a word or phrase. The English ordinal method a=1, b=2,c=3, z=26..etc  The English Reduction method: z=26..2+6=8  The Reverse English ordinal method: a=26, b=25…y=2,z=1  and the Reverse Reduction method: a=8, b=7..etc..These follow the rules of numerology. The letter “S” is the 19th letter in the alphabet. In reduction “s” can also be 10 and 1.

Check out the Gematria of “Baseball” check it out at

baseball=54 (English Ordinal)  54 outs in a 9 inning baseball game between both teams

baseball=18   (Reduction)          18 players on both teams without the DH

baseball=27  (reduction w/S exception)    27 outs for one team in a 9 inning game

baseball=162 (Reverse Ordinal)            162 games in a season

baseball=54   (Reverse reduction)      54 outs..all of these numbers add up to 9..9 innings 9 players

Major League Baseball=162 (English Ordinal)    An amazing coincidence!

Yesterday was Opening day. The earliest opening day ever. 3/29/2018 .The day numerology is 32

Ian Happ of the Chicago Cubs hit the first pitch for a home run. This was the first time a HR was hit on the first pitch in 32 years (Dwight Evans 1986) Home run=32 (Reverse Reduction) He hit it off the Marlins=32 (English Reduction) or the Miami Marlins=131(English Ordinal) 131 is the 32nd prime number. He was born on 8/12 or 12/8 in most of the world. First pitch=128 (English Ordinal). Ian Happ=65 (English Ordinal) First Pitch=65 (Reduction with s exception) Opening day=56 (Reduction) First Pitch=56(Reduction)

The Cubs also called out Bleacher Nation’s Michael Cerami for saying he would jump into Lake Michigan on Thursday if Happ started the game with a home run: jump into Lake Michigan=329 (Reverse Ordinal) 329 like the day it happened 3/29

jump into Lake Michigan=94 (Reduction)  Home Run=94 (English Ordinal)

What another amazing coincidence! These coincidences happen every day in Sports and the news. Decode your reality. Go to


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  • Baseball as a numbers game

    Those were some amazing coincidences with the baseball numbers. There are a lot of 3s and 9s, it seems. And baseball announcers are always lobbing numbers around, like regulation 9 and 90 feet away. It makes you wonder about the inventors of baseball…

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