Call Bernie: Crisis upon Crisis and War in Gaza

On Sunday Norman Finkelstein spoke at the First Baptist Church about the inhumane conditions in the Israeli-controlled Gaza Strip and the terrible slaughter and war that are imminent.

Israel has managed an effective media black-out about the conditions in Gaza, which has been condemned by the UN and is virtually a death camp. The thousands of Palestinians gathering near the fences of Israel may sacrifice themselves to show their desperation to an un-hearing world. They will storm the fences of Israel on the 14th of this month, Nakba Day, which commemorates the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homeland during the Israeli war for independence in 1948.

The Israelis warn that no re-entry will be tolerated, regardless of the conditions in Gaza. Even as the protesters have gathered peacefully in recent weeks, Israeli soldiers have killed forty of them, including children, and injured a thousand. According to Finkelstein and the New York Times, “Videos showed that some, were shot while they had their backs turned to the fence.”.

Since Bernie Sanders has publicly expressed sympathy for the Palestinians, we must prevail on him to visit Gaza. The media and cameras will follow and inhibit Israel forces from slaughtering the Palestinians as they storm the gates. Such an incident may trigger a terrible multilateral war, which is what Trump and some other people want. Call Bernie’s office. CALL HIM NOW (802) 862-0697! This is an emergency !! We must stop the Israeli forces from continuing to decimate Palestinians. The Palestinians must continue to resist nonviolently. Bernie must intervene to avoid another massacre, like the Masada, or worse.

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