Survey: Your Wishes for Reps Voting at Brattleboro 2020 Annual Representative Town Meeting

You are invited to fill a survey to help Brattleboro town reps know what people want for voting by reps at the March 21 Brattleboro annual town meeting. This survey is for people who are NOT Brattleboro town reps.

The survey is here:

The survey asks your opinion on each article that will be voted on. Results will be shared with town reps, and also available to anyone.

This survey asks some things about you, which are helpful in understanding the results. For example, people who live outside of Brattleboro are welcome to answer because they are important for our town, but not identical to residents; for example many of them have businesses in Brattleboro. The opinions of non-registered voters are also welcome here, although of course we do think it’s important to register and vote.

The last item gives space for you to ask questions or to explain your views.

Deadline for submitting the survey is March 19.

Click the [FILL OUT FORM] button to start the survey.

The survey simplified the wording of each voting article. You can find the full legal wording and details of the voting articles at

– Millicent Cooley

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  • Great idea

    It’s a great and democratic way for the public to weigh in on these matters for our elected reps. Thank you!

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