Tech Dinosaurs, VHS Tapes, and Groundworks Collaborative

I have a collection of VHS tapes (movies). They’re virtually all in good shape. I had hoped to donate them somewhere, but most places no longer accept them. I just can’t consign them to trash.

Proposal: I want to get rid of all of them in one “package.” You must take them ALL. What you do with them afterward is up to you (yard sale, whatever). After we agree on an amount, you’d make out a check to Groundworks Collaborative and give it to me. I’ll see that they get it. I am in no way associated with Groundworks; just want them to benefit by this donation.

I can provide you with a list of titles, (approx. 60 at present), but you need to take all.
Can we talk? If interested, call (802) 258-3038.

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