Lies Continue to Be Murder Weapons

Blog#106- 4/24/22

By Richard Davis

A strong culture of lying has developed among world leaders as well as the people who support them. That culture is growing and it is able to turn lies into a pseudo-reality by repeating them so often that people start to believe them.

It might seem reasonable to believe that as the human species has evolved it would move in a direction of embracing the truth.

That has not happened.

The most consequential lies are the ones we are listening to on a daily basis. Trump and his brain damaged followers continue to say that the last presidential election was stolen and that state officials have been lying about the results.

There is no evidence to back up these claims and there is abundant evidence to disprove them. That has not stopped the army of liars to continue the insurrection that began on January 6, 2021. People died because of the lies that fueled the events of January 6. The insurrection is not over.

As the Trump lies continue, states have enacted changes to voting laws that will restrict minorities from voting and skew the tally toward the right side of the political spectrum. The momentum for the voting law changes has come from all of the lies that have been spewed out about the 2020 election.

If Republicans manage to outvote everyone else at the mid-terms and during the next presidential election it will be made clear that the world can be changed because of the perpetuation of lies.

What kind of world have we come to inherit? Will the generations to follow us learn how damaging mass lying is or will they continue to provide the fuel to stoke the bonfires of misinformation and hatred?

The other lie that is causing massive death and destruction is that of Putin and his followers. They invaded a country because Putin needed to act on his political paranoia and feed his megalomaniacal ego. He jails any of his citizens who call his action a war and when his army commits obvious atrocities he lies and tells the world that it is fake news.

Putin is using the same tactics that Trump is using. They both know that they will not have to face consequences if they lie to the world. The Democratic party and the current Biden administration do not have the strength of conviction to swiftly prosecute Trump, his family and his close circle of supporting criminals. Trump will play with them until they go away and he knows the truth does not matter in his world.

Putin will never have to be held accountable for his murderous lies as long as he stays in Russia. He is nothing more than a high level thug with an army at his disposal instead of a gang. As with Trump, everything he does benefits him personally and that is the highest priority.

The most horrible crimes against humanity continue to be supported by Trump and Putin and the world is only using words and sanctions and committee hearings to try to stop them. Those tactics are not working.

What will it take for world leaders to understand the urgency of acting to get rid of the big liars? Can the world really change or will we continue to be smothered by liars of the world?

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  • It is a problem

    Politicans do lie. Almost all of them bend the truth to suit their needs. I can remember lots of examples:

    – I am not a crook.
    – Trickle down economics.
    – NAFTA
    – Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
    – I did not have relations with that woman.
    – We’re spreading democracy.
    – We’ll be greeted as liberators. They hate us for our freedoms.
    – We’ll do those progressive things later, just approve this now.
    – (campaign promises)

    It could go on and on. And each time, as you say, those lies hurt people and the overall trust in the system.

    Right now, we are in the middle of a world war, which neither Putin nor Biden will say out loud. Our goal is to crush Russia and change regimes, but we don’t say that.

    I think the answer is change comes from within yourself. If you wait for “leaders” somehow decide to become honest about things, you may wait forever.

    One way to combat lies to be truthful.

    One way to combat hate is with love.

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