Caring For Our Own

Calling on Brattleboro community spirit!  A loyal friend to Brattleboro needs her people!

Teeth are not only for pretty.  They are an essential piece of our overall health.  Please, don’t let Laura Austan go without them!

Laura is having an acute dental dilemma and needs to raise a mess of cash to save her toofies!  There, a GoFundMe campaign is underway.   Please consider making a donation for Laura! She’ll be all smiles if you do!

You can donate here:

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  • Thank you Zippy!

    It’s hard to ask for help, you just made it easier. <3

  • High cost of dental care

    Dental care has gotten so expensive that I know for a fact that many people are going without — until they can’t anymore. It’s really hard to ask for help and I know Annikee wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t the only way.

    It’s a shame it’s come to this though. Once upon a time, almost anyone, even on a low income, could afford the dentist. Not anymore!

  • Community Tooth Fairy

    Someone so-inclined should start a community Tooth Fairy program, along the lines of the Heat Fund. Get donations of money and dental services… and give them out to people who need them.

  • Update

    Nice start… $1240 as of this writing, but more is needed.

    Share widely.

  • Windham County Dental Center

    Has she looked into the new Windham County Dental Center by the hospital, in case they can be of any help?

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