Is Youth Services’ Helicopter Golf Ball Drop Raffle a Perfect Father’s Day Gift?

Youth Services’ Helicopter Golf Ball Drop, a hallmark of Youth Services’ Annual Golf Tournament, is a game of chance with incredible odds, according to Cathy Coonan, Chair of the Youth Services’ Board of Directors. Coonan described the $100 balls as a perfect gift for a Dad on Father’s Day, as no assembly is required and a $3000 cash pot putting a smile on anyone’s face.

Balls numbered 1-100 are purchased, Coonan said, loaded into a bucket and transported by helicopter over the 9th fairway at Brattleboro Country Club where they are dropped from a 20 feet height. The owner of the numbered ball which lands closest to the pin collects $3000 cash.

Individuals do not need to be part of the tournament to buy golf balls, priced at $100 each, nor be present at the drop to win the cash prize, explained Coonan. A maximum of 100 balls, now available for purchase, will be sold, with the odds of winning are high. A ride in the Renaud Bros. Inc. helicopter, also a great gift, will be auctioned weather permitting ride, donated by pilot Mike Renaud.

To buy a golf ball for the drop, visit To request a specific number for your ball, call Youth Services at (802) 257-0361 x131.


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