Weird Clouds in the Sky Today

All day the clouds passed over town. I have seen these type of clouds only in photos of HAARP clouds. So I ask myself why would we have Chemtrail HAARP clouds over our little town?

They looked man-made. I have pictures, but I hope you all did look up today and noticed them yourselves.

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  • Pillowy clouds

    I am aware of the chemtrails discussion, but I would be very reluctant to say that the clouds I saw yesterday looked any different from normal rainy day clouds.
    On the other hand, your pictures are very good and these clouds are different than the hummocky ones I saw over by Birge St. around 5 pm.

    Earlier in the week (forget which day), the sky was covered horizon to horizon by long ropey clouds that one could imagine being spawned from jet contrails.

    If this is some government program, what is the point?

    • It's the "tic-tac-toe" type

      It’s the “tic-tac-toe” type that are really obviously sinister. Just what would they be spraying on the sheeple?

  • Wow. Thank you for sharing

    Wow. Thank you for sharing these images. So beautiful. I love these low level clouds..

  • Agreed - Weird Clouds

    I saw these clouds, around 5 or 6 pm. They were unlike most others I’ve seen and enough so that I stopped and watched them for a while.

    It seemed like they were coming from the west, but also being pushed up from the south at the same time.

    There was a sort of compressed ripple to them. The sky wasn’t green and the winds were mild, so it wasn’t about to form a tornado, but it had that sort “what’s going to happen?” look to them. Quite a few people seemed to be looking up.

    We looked at radar and there was nothing showing. Then it broke up and got sunny again.

    These pictures capture what I saw pretty well. Thanks.

    • clouds

      Thank you for your comments. I have noticed that the thick cotton looking clouds seem to have been put together over another geographical area and they drift over our sky. I have read that this type of “earth cover” is done to counteract global warming. What I know is what I see. And these clouds look so different from what I have being seeing throughout my life. I am noticing a change.

  • Monday April 21, 2014 white clouds

    White sunlight this morning. It’s hard on my eyes to look up at the sky.Had a chat with someone walking by on the street and we agreed these are not normal jet trails. They are filling up the sky with cross hatch trails that become white feathery clouds. If this hadn’t happened we’d have a sunny day not a hazy day. Yesterday, Easter Sunday, a friend who lives in Stamford, Vt. said that that was happening to the sky over the top of the mountain there.
    Strange days indeed.

    • Mystery in the sky?

      I just drove back from Keene and the sky over Spofford/Chesterfield was full of the same streaks that crossed over each other. There were about 8 – 10 of them and they evolved into huge feathery cloud formations. I’ve never seen this many before. Strangely beautiful. A mystery it seems.

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