Golden Eagles Near Vernon?

Yesterday I was driving North on 142 in a wooded section of Vernon, when a very large brown bird flew across the highway. A split second later, 2 such birds recrossed the highway

They were NOT turkeys, vultures, hawks or ospreys.

I’m thinking golden eagles, but it appears they are extremely rare in Vermont.

Perhaps immature bald eagles, but they usually have sort of motley brown and white plumage.

Anyone else seen these birds?

Any ideas?.

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  • Rare, but they're around

    I saw one in Dummerston a couple of summers ago.

    And heard it…it really did sound like that stereotypical “eagle sound effect” in tv shows and movies.

    • Couldn't Be

      There’s no way a couple of golden eagles would nest anywhere near an aging nuclear facility like Vermont Yankee.

    • VINS says they're Bald

      Hello Tom,
      I would suspect that what you saw were 2 juvenile Bald Eagles – to my knowledge, Golden Eagles do not breed in VT, and as you had mentioned, are quite rare unless they’re passing through on migration.
      Juvenile Bald Eagles aren’t necessarily always mottled – they vary, and are usually overall a dark brown color.
      If you’d like to know more about Golden Eagles and their range in the North East, I would suggest contacting the VT Center for Ecostudies – (802) 649-1431
      Either way, it’s always nice to see such birds in their natural habitat!
      Best, Sara Eisenhauer
      Wildlife Services Manager
      Vermont Institute of Natural Science
      6565 Woodstock Road, PO Box 1281 Quechee, VT 05059
      ph: 802.359.5001 x218 fax: 802.359.5001
      Website: Blog:
      Facebook: Vermont Institute of Natural Science

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