Hunting for Beauty, and Finding It Here

To those of you fellow citizens who awoke to a grey sky this morning. . .

if you had been up at 5:30, you would have seen the glorious sky known as the “pink – blue sky” to the east, above Wantastiquet.

It only lasts a short time, but it is a good sight for the eyes that have just come out of the dark and from sleep into the day.

It also reminds me of an idea I had for a photo excursion. In the winter, I frequently suffer from the blahs; the dark crowds in on me, and the cold saps me some. I have taken to going out, when I am in a bad mood, and trying to find beauty. Just the activity of trying to find moments and scenes of beauty, is restorative to my feeling of well being.

So, this is an invitation, delivered months in advance. “Winter is coming” When it does arrive, I would enjoy, as a semi regular thing, say, once a month maybe, or maybe twice, to go out with the express intention of finding beauty in the greater Brattleboro metropolitan region, framing it, and brining it back to share with Brattleboro and the world, via iBrattleboro. I envision getting a cup of coffee with others first, and then setting out, and coming back together to share what we found. Beauty is always out there, and always needed. It’s just needed more at some times of the year than others.

Anyone else interested?


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  • Beautiful idea

    I like the idea of a regular search for local beauty. We certainly have an abundance of it, natural and manmade, around Brattleboro for those keeping their eyes open.

    • Backyard

      Sometimes you never have to look any further than your own back yard to be amazed and find wonder, it’s all about how close your willing to take a look or reexamine with a different perspective of what you may already take for granted!

  • What I would buy, if I had the money

    A really good macro lens.

  • Yes

    Look me up.

    • I tried to, but failed.

      Hello Genie,

      Do you have a macro lens? Or pointers?

      I tried to look you up, but did not succeed.

      My email is booksfromvermont at

  • It is dark and cold: I think it will soon be time to start

    I would like to start “Hunting for Beauty” on Sunday, December 8th.

    I was thinking of going to Elliot Street Cafe when they open around 8:30 AM meeting up with others, getting that first cup of coffee, heading out for a “beauty in Brattleboro” photo shoot, and then coming back by 10 AM to share what we found.

    It’s not a long time to go for a shoot, but, the premise is that there is beauty everywhere, its just a matter of finding it and framing it in your view.

    Any takers?

    I’ll be there at that time and hope some might join me.

  • I hope to get a macro lens by January

    Somehow, that is the world I most want to focus on. There is a lot of beauty everywhere, but the beauty that passed by, because it exists on a different scale, that is what appeals to me.

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