Pets Section Now Features Windham County Pets

Adopt a PetIf you look in the right sidebar in the Pets section, you’ll see that we’re now featuring pets available for adoption from the Windham County Humane Society.

It used to be that we could only show pets from all of Vermont. It’s great to now be able to feature local pets that need homes.

The box will load a pair of random pets from the available pet list maintained by WCHS.

Click on any pet you see to get the full description, extra photos, and in most cases a video. It’s addictive and we hope this results in lots of well-placed pets. 

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  • adopt today

    This is a new feature I’m really pleased about, btw.

    I hope we find them all homes…

  • As an employee of the Humane

    As an employee of the Humane Society, I’m thrilled about this new feature! Come see our adoptable animals. 🙂

    • Great

      Once we found that we could do this we were really happy. Glad to help.

      Each time the page reloads, a different pair of animals comes up. If you click on them, you get more photos and sometimes a video.

      Again, I hope lots of pets find homes this way.

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