Rabies Clinics?

Anyone know if there are any upcoming rabies clinics in Brattleboro? There usually are this time of year, but so far the only one I’ve heard about is in Wilmington.

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  • There is one this Sunday in Brattleboro!

    $10 rabies clinic for cats and dogs

    March 17
    2pm – 4pm
    No Appointment

    VCA Windham Animal Hospital
    19 Noah’s Lane • Brattleboro, VT 05301
    (802) 254-9412

    • bert the mouse

      While reading the response to this, I looked over at the Pets available at the Humane Society and one of them was a mouse. Bert the Mouse, to be specific. You may have to reload the page a few times to get him to pop up again.

      As I’ve been watching this for the last few weeks, there have been dogs, cats, rabbits, and now Bert.

      Adopt today if you can. It helps you, the pet, and the WCHS.

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