Missing Cat – Oak Street Area

My beloved Maine Coon cat, Sava, and has been missing from my Oak Street apartment since Wednesday evening. Thought he was just hiding- he was stressed out from a vet visit. We have torn the house, attic and neighboring yards apart with no sight of him.

He is big- 19 lbs. Grey, black and tan. He has a “lion cut”. Not an outdoor cat so he will be terrified and possibly aggressive.

If you see him – alive or not- please call me at 802- 258 8581. We are heartbroken. Thank you.

Kris Alden

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    My neighbors found him relaxing on their porch swing this morning! None the worse for wear, very hungry. So happy to have him back!

  • Glad to hear...

    … of another cat return (a Guilford person tho maybe on on ibratt, maybe on front porch forum) just reported her cat back after a week.

    There are Cats, & then in a separate & pretty cool Category, are Maine Coons. They’re big, & seem a bit closer to their forest predecessors physically (though often have sweeter dispositions that Cats) and yours probably wanted to stretch & get out of the apartment for an adventure, but good to have an indoor cat back indoors.

    • Yes, he has a very different

      Yes, he has a very different personality and way of living his life than my other cats . He loves nothing better than to lay in a bathtub of cool water and will lay on my lap if I’m reading on my Kindle and every once in awhile tap the screen to pause it because he wants some attention or a snack. This is a much happier ending than I was anticipating! Very glad my wandering boy is back safe and feisty as ever. Happy the other missing cat made his way home, too.

    • That was me on FPF!

      In a week and a half he traveled 2 1/2 miles, lost 1/3 of his weight, and picked up a lot of ticks. Lucky to be alive. He’s a young guy inexperienced with the great outdoors, thinks little critters are toys, not food. He’s locked in for a good long time now!

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