Cat Box Liner And Litter Package Tested And Approved For Brattleboro’s Curbside Composting Program

Liner converts into a clean, sealed disposal bag

Brattleboro, VT July 10, 2015, Litter-2-U is a product that gives cat owners a convenient way to dispose of cat litter in their curbside composting cart. This fast, easy and clean way to change cat litter compliments Brattleboro’s curbside composting program and diverts litter from costly, harmful landfills to usable compost.                

Litter-2-U (L2U) is a compostable plant-based liner pre filled with a 100% wood-pellet litter, which is highly absorbent and effective at odor control. The strong 2-ply liner has a jute drawstring that can later be cinched for disposal. With L2U, Brattleboro cat owners can avoid putting their litter in a costly non-compostable PAYT bag destined for the landfill. L2U is currently available online at and is delivered to your door.

To develop L2U, owner Dennis Dwyer, first contacted the Compost Pro­gram Coordinator for Brattleboro, Moss Kahler, who gave L2U the opportunity to conduct a small pilot with curbside composting Brattleboro residents. The
product was well received. “You can quickly pick it up and put it in the compost,” commented one participant while another liked the fact that you “don’t have to handle soiled litter.”  The customers almost all cited the “ease of use” and “convenience.”

L2U was then tested in the WSWMD municipal compost with successful results: the liner, drawstring and litter degraded quickly. It is safe to compost cat litter in the high temperature system used at WSWMD.  In a report by WSWMD Executive Director Robert Spencer, he comments:

”L2U provides residents with a convenient way to collect their kitty litter and put it into their curbside organics bin, and we wanted to document that the L2U bags would biodegrade in our composting process.

I am pleased to report that the L2U bag, which is made from a biodegradable PLA material, successfully degraded in our food and yard waste compost pile in a period of 21 days.”

L2U is a solution that promotes composting cat litter via Brattleboro’s curbside composting program and supports Act 148’s initiative to divert waste from landfills.

Litter-2-U is a family-run business out of South Berwick, ME. It was developed as an alternative to the current laborious and unsanitary litter changing routine and provides a practical solution that is good for cat owners, their cats and the environment.

To find more information visit their website at or email them at


Dennis Dwyer
319 Main Street
South Berwick, ME 03908
Phone – (603) 970-1557

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  • Pricey

    For all your use of the word ‘costly’ – did you ever look at the price of your OWN product? Yikes. $9.30 PER litter change?? That’s bloody insane costly. Oh, and have you ever seen what a cat does to ANY liner in a litter box? Shredded. Every time.

    • Re Pricey

      Thank you very much for your comment. Yes, our product appears more costly than other traditional litters; however, our product is more than just litter. It includes a prefilled liner (which is your disposal bag), delivery, and a quick clean up. The liner is 2-ply and customer feedback has shown that it holds up until disposal. We hope we addressed your concerns.

  • Yet another exorbitantly

    Yet another exorbitantly priced product to add to the already excessive cost of PAYT. And. also – how is litter – which not only contains animal waste but chemicals – able to be safely composted? Are people comfortable composting their veggie gardens with litter?

    • Re Yet another exorbitantly

      Thank you for bringing this up, we are happy to address your concerns regarding safety. There are no harmful chemicals in our product, and it is 100% biodegradable. This product is not recommended for backyard composting (as stated on our website). Kitty litter is accepted in the Brattleboro Curbside Composting Program due to the high temperatures used at the WSWMD compost.

  • $500 a year on cat litter?

    Perhaps some people have the bucks to throw away $500 a year on cat litter, but not this person. The $110 a year for trash bags is bad enough.

  • We buy sewer-safe stuff for

    We buy sewer-safe stuff for the same price as regular kitty litter and avoid paying ~$40 a month for cat litter like this new system would require.

    Love to know the source of the wood pellets. We’re cutting down trees and using the wood for kitty litter? Or using the remnants from some other wood processing and using that?

    • Re We buy sewer-safe stuff for

      Thank you for your comment. Our litter is sourced from sustainable woodlands as well as byproducts of sawmills. We appreciate the question.

  • Paying for this ad?

    I hope iBratt is getting big bucks for this obvious advertisement. Don’t understand why this is showing up as a “story”…

    • You people are something else.

      I can’t believe the negative comments on here directed towards a solution to another PAYT issue. This company has developed a clean and natural way to get rid of cat litter and the guy has to defend himself from Vermonters who should’ve come up with the solution themselves.

      For crying out loud how many of you for years have railed for the environment and living in a “Green” state and now that your beloved legislature has passed a law to make trash like Socialism. “Everybody pays their fair share” and “Everyone contributes to society” You all complain about it.

      • PAYT is not socialism

        Just because you do not like something does not make it socialism. The old 100% taxpayer funded trash pick up system (you put it out, we pick it up and dump it) was a socialist solution. PAYT is a user fee approach preferred by many conservatives. It brings market forces to bear on a problem and uses metered costs to affect behavior. The magic of the market place applied to solid waste.

        I do agree with you that anyone innovating solutions like the biodegradable kitty litter guy should be respected. He is in business and will be the first to adjust the price as the market demands. I thought standard commercial kitty litter was OK for curbside compost. Was I wrong? Just wondering – even though I do not have a cat.


        • Yes cat litter okay for curbside composting

          Hi Andy,

          Yes, any cat litter is okay for curbside composting. I think the benefit of this product is that you don’t have to deal with the litter, and the product is easier to use.


      • Wonderful Irony!

        Mr. Mike complains about negative comments 🙂

    • Promotional Story

      For whatever reason, the owners of ibrattleboro have been very generous about stories promoting businesses. Even if they are not required to, I think it would be decent for business owners who run ibrattleboro stories for promotion, to voluntarily purchase a paid ad.

  • Litter Options

    I know there are going to be some people for whom this bag/litter combo is the perfect product, but certainly not everyone will need or want it. One thing we’ve noticed from indoor composting and having a litter box is that Cedarific (cedar chip cat litter) has a tendency to really reduce odor. I sprinkle some in our indoor compost bin (the one that gets picked up by the town) on top of smelly things, and so far, in 2 and a half whole weeks, we’ve had no odor from our compost bin. Admittedly, there’s almost no meat in the compost bin because we’re not eating much right now. But anyway, the wood chips seem to help.

    I’m not lining our compost bin at all — just layering garbage and once a week, kitty litter (minus solids). So far so good. Rinse it out when empty and go again…

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