Lost Beagle in Brattleboro

I was just at Avenue Grocery on Western Ave and learned that there is a missing beagle somewhere in Brattleboro.

The dog was in Harmony Lot with its owner, got spooked and ran away. I was told that it is a shelter dog, named Gypsy, and could be anywhere from downtown to I-91.

If you see a confused, scared beagle out there, get in touch with Avenue Grovery and they can put you in touch with the owner.

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  • More details

    More info emailed to me:

    “My dog Gypsy was frightened by a skateboarder at 9:00 p.m. Saturday night. In fright she ran through the tunnel jerking her leash out of my hand. She ran up High Street and was sighted as far away as the Cedar-Union Street intersection. As far as I know she has not been sighted since. You can reach me by phone at: 802 490 2562.”

    • I just got a notice on my FB

      I just got a notice on my FB page that WCHS is looking for someone in the area who has a tracking dog to help find a lost dog. Maybe it’s this little guy.

  • Photo

    Here’s a photo, if you need help identifying the beagle… : )

    • Ohhhhh...this pup looks so

      Ohhhhh…this pup looks so sad! Will keep an eye out in my Oak St. neighborhood.
      Hope this has a happy ending.

  • Pupdate?

    Any news? I hope she’s found soon if not already.

  • Reminder

    Hoping Gypsy has been located. If not, here’s a reminder to keep an eye out.

    Also, over in the right column, pets available at WCHS!

  • another reminder

    A neighbor said that the dog has been spotted in the last couple of days along High St, but wasn’t able to be caught.

    Hoping people find this beagle!

  • Takes a Village

    Great follow up story and thank you in the Commons today from the owner of “Gypsy” the wandering beagle. Nice to hear of all the folks and organizations who helped to find her and that she is happily back with her loving family.
    They say it takes a village to raise a child. It also, fortunately, takes a village to find a scared, lost pup.

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