Dog Lexi In Search of Foster Care

We are seeking a temporary (two months or more) foster home for our dog Lexi and offering a stipend of $180 per month toward expenses. Lexi is a sweet, super smart, affectionate, and playful mix of Springer Spaniel, beagle, and harehound. She loves attention, to go on hikes, to play fetch with toys, and to cuddle at night. She’s a terrific companion dog who benefits from lots of love and attention. Ideally, she would love to have a fenced in yard as well.

See pictures and read more on Tanya Tabach’sFacebook page, the human society’s FB page, and Lexi is currently in a kennel in Putney and would love to go to a good home soon. Please let us know if you can help her/us out! 257-3071 or

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    I think I’ll start a new service – AirBnBeagle!

    Looks like a cute dog. Should make a good pal for someone….

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