Annie Guion of Windham County Humane Society To Retire

Annie Guion has announced her retirement from the Windham County Humane Society. Here’s the letter:

Dear Friends,
After 14 years of the best work of my life and my most fun and fulfilling job to date, it is time for me to move on to the next adventure. My partner is retiring and we are planning to pursue some long-held dreams and check some items off the bucket list. I love the Windham County Humane Society (WCHS) and in order to ensure a smooth transition, I will be staying through the end of 2021.
Transitions are a host of things – scary, hard and exciting. The board, staff and myself are envisioning a transition that ushers in the next era of animal welfare here in Windham County. We have come a long way in the pat 14 years, and we are ready for the next 20. We are busy updating our current Strategic Plan and we are looking forward to new leadership and fresh energy, all supported by an amazing staff and board with a long history of service to our community.
We are fortunate to have Keri Roberts, Director of Operations, and Julie Hamilton, Board President, continuing in their leadership roles. Keri has 19 years (yes 19!) of dedicated service to the community and the organization. Her compassion and concern for the neediest amongst us is a cornerstone of our programs. Julie has been Board President for three years and helped WCHS successfully navigate the challenges of a global pandemic.
Our strategic plan will guide us in all ways including with regard to the Capital Campaign. Animal welfare was changing rapidly before 2020, and Covid magnified and sped up those changes. Through the Strategic Planning process, we will be examining data and revisiting the plans for the addition to ensure that we are building the right facility for the future. If you have already donated to the campaign, your gift is sitting safely in a bank account and earning interest for the project. We are deeply grateful for your trust and support. If you have not yet donated, we will be reaching out. We will share updates in late summer and if all goes according to plan, we will break ground in 2022.
I started my work at WCHS at a time of great transition, and I am passing the torch at another such time. I am very proud of all the work the board, staff and I have done in the past 14 years and look forward to watching new leadership take the WCHS into the future.
Annie Guion
Executive Director, WCHS
P.S. If you have any question, please feel free to reach my on my cell at 802-490-4734.
A message from our Board President:
Dear Friends,
Annie is right – transitions can be scary! But transitions also bring with them opportunity – new and fresh ways to evaluate and make things happen. Annie is leaving an organization that is much stronger for her tenure with us, with an excellent staff fully equipped to function at the highest standards. The new person will bring their own unique toolbox to the table – just as Annie did 14 years ago. I have no doubt that from it will emerge exciting ideas and effective ways to meet the challenges that lay ahead. Rest assured that the board of directors of WCHS will fill Annie’s very large shoes with an equally compassionate and knowledgeable person, someone to bring our great organization to the next phase of its long history of serving the needs of our community and our beloved animals. Scary, yes! – but we are so excited to see what amazing opportunities this transition will bring.
All the best,
Julie Hamilton
President, Board of Directors, WCHS

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