Acclaimed Andean Shamans in Brattleboro June 11-16

Don Francisco and doña Juana, elders of the Q’ero nation, will offer healing and Initiations of Connection in Brattleboro from June 11-16.  Check the IBrattleboro calendar for specifics on group events.  

This is a time when we are all experiencing great change and transition, and this is the ideal opportunity to shed what no longer serves and step into the Star that burns deep within you. 

The Q’ero — don Francisco’s and doña Juana’s people, are saidto be the last direct descendants of the Inca.  They historically were respected as the keepers of the knowledge, and held a place of honor at traditional gatherings and festivals.  After the Spanish conquest, they remained invisible, living in small villages as high as 16,000 feet above sea level. To this day, the Q’ero live without electricity, plumbing, automobiles or even bicycles.  Here they have kept alive their relationship with the spirits of the land, and practice a heart-based way of relating to the world.  

To interact and share energy with these beautiful, wise and heart-based shamans is a great gift that changes us forever — perhaps in some small way, perhaps quickly and profoundly.  The Inca prophesy sees this time as “the Age of Meeting Ourselves Again” — a time for us to rediscover the energies of the heart, and a time for them to share their wisdom, ceremonies and healing skills with outsiders.  They see their own people being drawn into modern ways and beginning to lose their connection to nature and to their personal essence.  The see us as their spiritual heritage, and know that one day, generations from now, time will have come full circle, and WE we be the ones reminding THEM of who they are.  

You’re invited to take part in their activities, which take place between June 11-16.  Most are local and listed here in the IBrat calendar.  A two-day Initiation workshop in New Hampshire, culminating atop Mt. Washington, will take place on June 8-9, for those who feel called to receive the full power of the Andean medicine ways.  We’ll connect with our richest destiny and “personal medicine” and become initiates in the Q’ero lineage of medicine men and women. 

Private ceremonies of manifestation and healing sessions are also available, and I can personally attest to their power and beauty. 

The shamans are being hosted by Ed Liebfried and Beverly Beane.  We thank the folks at Equilibrium and Solar Hill for their partnership in some of these events. 

Contact Ed at 971-344-8730 or to register or for more information. 

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