Come and Walk Among Masters – Peru with the Shamans

Puma Quispe, in association with Ed Liebfried of Divine Within, LLC (Guilford, VT) invite you to join us for a journey of initiation in Peru. 

This is not the typical Sacred Valley journey. You’ll experience the “Hatun Karpay” over a 10-day period, in traditional sacred locations in Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and climaxing with our great initiation at Apu Ausangate – perhaps the most sacred mountain in the Andean tradition. 

Puma is a master altomesayok, trained traditionally yet fluent in English and a master tour guide. 

In his words: “Your spirit needs to fly like the condor soaring the highest skies. Come experience the lineage of ancestors awaiting you in the magical land of Peru. Now is the time to be in ceremony for the healing of our hearts and our bodies. We will take you deeper and deeper in this self-healing process. You are ready to walk among masters, and receive the direct transmission of the ancient light in to your soul. Peru has called you; all you have to do is show up!!”

Trip Organizer Ed Liebfried is a mesa carrier in the Andean traditions, taught and initated by several Q’ero elders as well as by Puma himself. He is a graduate of the Four Winds Society and has been seeking the authentic connection to the Andean traditions for the past 10 years. 

Info: contact Ed at, 971-344-8730 or download the basic four-page info pack here:

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