Sunset Canyon on 23rd Street

I was raised on a small rural farm between two rushing rivers not far from the western shore of the Chesapeake with luxuriant greenery and cultivated fields not even topped by the best of Vermont’s prolific shades of green.

After leaving home and hitchhiking 6000 miles in a Summer of Love east-west-east roundtrip, I ended up in New York City, where I spent most of my adult life.

Now, after seven years as a Vermonter I can indulge myself locally in the greenacres and only look back to recall or revisit my storied life in the concrete canyons.

Without prejudice for one or the other, with equal joy to celebrate life’s happy trails, it is always a pleasure to relive and share New York Moments.

I first saw the sun set on 23rd Street at a young age by simply turning the corner at Lexington as I walked west on some errand or journey in and around the city.

What you see in this brief video is what many of us “New Yorkers” have frequently seen by virtue of being part of the lifeblood and vitality of the center of the known world – Manhattan.


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