Undiscovered Gem – Rhododendron State Park

Just across the river, there’s a beautiful park filled with gorgeous flowers.

Rhododendron State Park in Fitzwilliam is a natural stand of Rhododendrons that are in bloom right now.

The park is named after the 16-acre grove of Rhododendron Maximum, which is the focal point of the park. A 0.6 mile-long trail encircles the grove allowing visitors to observe, close up, the fragrant clusters of pink blossoms as they burst into bloom in mid-July.

Other trails, including a special wildflower trail wind through the forest adjacent to the grove.

The rhododendron grove, which is the largest in northern New England, was designated a National Natural
Landmark in 1982.

It’s free on weekdays and $4.00 for adults on weekends

2 ways to get to the park:

—Rt. 9 East to Keene, then Rt. 12 SE thru Troy to Fitzwilliam.  Right turn at Rt. 119 in Fitzwilliam. Go about a mile on 119 to Rhododendron Road. Look for sign on the right.

—Rt. 119 thru Hinsdale, Winchester and Richmond.  Just short of Fitzwilliam Village 119 makes a 90 degree left turn. Rhododendron Road is about ½ mile on the left. Look for the sign.

The park is about 2 miles down Rhododendron Road

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