Saturday Power Outages in Brattleboro

Does anyone know what has happened in Brattleboro today?   We’ve lost electricity twice today. Once around 5:45 am and again at 4:45pm.   I saw some telephone’and power trucks’over by Linden Street and it looked like a line was down.  It is odd to lose power a total of now three times this passing week.

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  • Putney Road Tree

    That was quite an outage, but rather well-timed. It was our first nice weather in quite a few days.

    What I liked was how quiet everything got, and how people generally started making their way outdoors to walk, talk, sit, and play.

    We spent a while using a hand-crank radio to listen to Steven Twiss’ Recycled Radio show on WVEW.

    Then, right as it was starting to dim outside, the lights came back on.

    We should do this every Saturday. : )

    Of course, why we had an extended outage when the weather was fine is a good question. GMP says

    “Approximately 2,000 customers are out in the Brattleboro area after a tree brought down a primary power line on Putney Road. “

  • Near the Marina...

    Just spoke with someone who was near the Marina when they heard a loud bang and saw a poof of smoke from the power transformers near the West River Bridge. Confirmed that a tree fell.

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