Another Loss for Brattleboro – Adivasi

I was saddened to hear that ADIVASI will be closing it’s beautiful store on Flat Street. It hs always been a favorite place of mine to pick up an unusual gift or a beautiful tablecloth while supporting independent artisans. This is a huge loss for our town. I wish the family well.

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  • Official Statement

    Their official announcement:

    With a heavy heart we want to announce that Adivasi is closing its retail business on Flat Street in downtown Brattleboro. For the last twenty years the community has supported our business and has significantly contributed to the lives of people across the globe. It was The School for International Training that supplied the spark twenty years ago by crossing the paths of a young woman from Vermont with a young man from India. It was the people of Rajasthan that provided us with inspiration to share their beautiful art and help provide them with economic stability. It was Spero Latchis and the community of Brattleboro that welcomed us.

    In the early 90’s India still retained a vibrant artisan culture where village communities were self-sufficient and were looking for fair marketing opportunities. The village artisans of western India needed a fair trade partner who could promote their art and support their ancient art forms in a long term sustainable way. We began long lasting relationships with communities of artisans making block printed and embroidered textiles, incense and oils, furniture, jewelry and metal workers. Over the last decade we have seen profound changes in these communities. As older generations have retired their children and grandchildren have not replaced them. Large corporations have also entered the area with a focus on mass production rather than creative art. The scarcity of artisans has been compounded by the incredible increases in fuel costs and duties over the last decade. The economical reality of importing high quality art is now unfeasible. The final blow has been the devastating flood of 2011. It has proven to be an economic blow that we are unable to recover from despite out best efforts.

    It has been an incredibly fulfilling journey for us. It has been an honor to serve as a conduit between two cultures. Facilitating the cross fertilization of artists through hosting many artists from Brattleboro in India has been extremely rewarding. The countless number of wonderful people who have visited our store over the years has been a true gift. We are thankful for the support we have received; particularly after the post 9/11 arson and recent flood. We are thankful for The Latchis Arts organization for giving us support and enabling us to be in the heart of Brattleboro. We have enjoyed being a part of a vibrant downtown merchant community.

    We will be selling down our inventory and making arrangements for the continuation of work for our artisans in India. Now is your last chance to take a part of Adivasi with you. We offer a profound thank you to the community of Brattleboro and a humble Namaste.

    With Gratitude
    The Bhanti family

    • Namaste

      Adivasi is one of Brattleboro’s treasures, and the Bhanti family are among the kindest, warmest people you will ever meet. I am saddened by this loss. Thanks for posting this.

    • What a loss indeed

      I guess I had better purchase the beautiful curtains I have been daydreaming about. This business will be missed. I have made some of my favorite purchases there, and received some of my favorite gifts from there. I suppose I took it for granted that they were a permanent fixture in the town.

    • painful

      This is one shop closing that hit me right in the chest. The public relations of the store owners/employees was among the best in town. I have a shirt I bought there that I still get compliments on every time I wear it. I have napkins from Adivasi that are among my favorites, as well as many other home embellishments. But my favorite memory of Adivasi will always be going there to buy packages of incense at Christmas time every year, that I included in all the gift boxes I send to family and friends.

    • Great People

      I love the store too and all the beautiful and exotic products they sell there. But what I’ll miss most of all is Elissa. She has to be one of the nicest people ever to grace downtown. Even though I only shop there a few times a year, she always seems to remember me and puts up with my browsing whether I can afford to buy anything that day or not!

      What a drag, both for them and for us.

  • Another loss for Brattleboro - Adivasi Closing

    I am very sad to hear they are closing, but I understand their reasons. I have purchased beautiful jewelry and textiles from them over the years and can’t say enough about the quality of those items or the incredible service and kindness of the Bhanti family.I wish them the best of luck.

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