Rooster Flys Away

Tho not a breakfast person, I enjoyed several visits for coffee & to join friends who were breakfasting at a nice cafe on Elliot St called The Restless Rooster.  Just heard they lost their lease & are closing.  Thought that might be picked up on ibrattleboro, but not seen anything.  Facts needed.  But the place was cheerful and pleasant, & the times I was there seemed quite active with happy customers.  

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  • Yes

    I mentioned it in the “noticed around Brattleboro” comments a week ago or so, but I haven’t heard much more than what you have here.

    It did seem to be a popular place. Maybe they’ll find a new location?

    • The owner looked for a new

      The owner looked for a new location for months and wasn’t able to find one. They wanted to stay downtown and it just didn’t work out. I believe they are done with the restaurant business. This is not an easy place to own and run a small business. They were a great addition to the downtown eating choices.

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