The Brattleboro Shop Has Unique Brattleboro Apparel

Some might recall that we started The Brattleboro Shop on to sell some classy, unique Brattleboro-themed souvenirs. It’s less than a year old, but the response has been great, and we’ve been adding new things on a regular basis.

For example, we have a lot of new T-shirts featuring some really neat logos. We find the old logos on old posters, documents, or maps, then lovingly re-make them to clean them up and give them a fresh presentation.

One features “Brattleboro and Vicinity”. The details in the logo are quite unusual – the letters are outlined, but also have little dots placed about them as accents. There are some great swirly lines surrounding the letters, too.

Another says “Brattleboro and West Brattleboro.” This is another example of fancy lettering, with clever squared-off and outlined lettering. The letters are surrounded in this case by some fancy accent lines.

One of my favorite “Brattleboro” logos is on the 1896 “Brattleboro, Vermont” shirt. Great little accent lines, and really wonderful letter “B” and “V” designs. The “B” wraps around itself in an almost Escher-like design. This shirt also says “Windham County” on it.

Another favorite is “The Brattleboro” – a logo used by the Estey Organ Company on a display model. It features fancy gold trim.

We have a shirt celebrating Jumbo’s visit to Brattleboro. For this, we remade the lettering but kept the advertisement from the newspaper as illustration. This is perfect for Brattleboro circus fans.

Brattleboro bike fans take note: another shirt has the very stylish Vermont Wheel Club emblem featured. It’s a winged wheel and was used by the bicycle club to imply how fast they could ride (I’m guessing).

There’s a lot here to explore, and zazzle gives you the ability to do a fair amount of customization. If you don’t like the color or style of a shirt, in many cases you can make the change yourself. And if there’s something specific you want but don’t see it, we’ll make it for you.

One other thing. There’s almost always a sale at zazzle. As I type this, there’s a 15% off of everything, so be sure to check the upper part of the page for coupon codes. Get yourself a gift, on sale!

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