The Brattleboro Shop – Brattleboro Circus Gifts & Goodies

If you enjoy shopping online from home, be sure to visit The Brattleboro Shop and our collection of Brattleboro Circus souvenirs and gifts.

We’ve been steadily adding unique, exclusive Brattleboro circus artwork, such as these colorful, original Brattleboro circus posters celebrating circus arts. We have four in the series – Daring Trapeze, Spectacular Silks, Wondrous Wheels, and Astounding Aerialists. They are great for circus performers and fans alike, and you can customize sizes and styles.

All of these designs are also available on postcards. You can mail them, or pop them up on the fridge.

In addition to our original circus posters, we have a bit of Brattleboro circus history to share. We’ve put together a collection of old Brattleboro newspaper advertisements for circuses, menageries, hippodromes, and combined shows.

You can commemorate P.T. Barnum’s visits, wild west shows, an Equescurriculum performance, and more, all with classic, vintage circus artwork and text.

For elephant lovers, we have a few special items to remember the time Jumbo came to Brattleboro. There’s a Jumbo gym bag (perfect for circus school students), shirt, and some advertising cards.

Many items can be customized, and there’s almost always a sale going on, so look for the daily offers on the site.

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  • Perfect holiday gifts!

    I just bought 2 sets of the postcards- I have some nice little wooden boxes so I’ll tie each set with ribbon and they’ll be great little Christmas gifts! I love so many of the things on the site- really unusual and fun.

    • Thanks...

      … and glad you like everything. It’s fun to come up with uniquely Brattleboro designs, and I have more planned.

      • I love the posters, too.

        I love the posters, too. Everything you’re curated is really interesting and fun and special. I can’t wait to give these boxes of postcards- pretty cool little present. Way better than a fruitcake!

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