The Brattleboro Shop – Mug Season

Now that it is finally getting chilly out, it’s safe to say we are approaching Mug Season. The Brattleboro Shop, our online Brattleboro souvenir store, has many mugs for you. These mugs are great for tea, coffee, and cocoa, and make perfect gifts.

In addition to our unique collection of classic Brattleboro logos, mugs in The Brattleboro Shop also feature logos of historic Brattleboro enterprises.

How about a 1928 Brattleboro Trust Company logo mug, or one featuring the Brattleboro Ice Company?

We have quite a few styles of Estey Organ Company mugs. There are some classic Brattleboro shops featured as well, such as Fenton’s Men’s Shop, Luries, Houghton & Simonds, and the Brattleboro Jelly Company

One of the more intricate designs comes from the Dunham Bros “Boots, Shoes & Rubbers” mug. Their logo showed off their boot design.

Movie lovers might recall the old Kipling Cinema logo. There’s also the Vermont Wheel Club mug, one of my favorites.

There are a lot more, too. (And if you have other interesting logos for me, get in touch…)

As I type this, all mugs are 15% off at zazzle. Always look for the coupon code at the top of their page to save some money.

And enjoy Mug Season.

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