The Brattleboro Shop – Watches and Clock Faces

Continuing our tour through the online Brattleboro Shop, let me introduce you to some one-of-a-kind watches featuring familiar Brattleboro clock faces. There are also a few fine accessories here you might find useful. Perhaps best of all, you don’t have to leave your house to do some shopping.

The most iconic Brattleboro clock faces are on Main Street, and we’ve spent some time recreating both the Main Street clock and the Centre Congregationalist Church clock faces for you.

Here’s the Main Street clock on two different watches. One has a dark face, and the other has a light one.

One thing about this online store is that you have quite a few options for customizing each item. With watches, you can change styles and bands pretty easily to suit your own taste. Consider these, and all products at The Brattleboro Shop, a starting point.

Both Brattleboro clock faces come in fancier versions, which you could imagine would probably thrill someone as a retirement or anniversary gift.

I really like the pocket watch versions, in gold and silver.

We’ve added in a pocket watch with the Vermont Wheel Club logo, for bike lovers who want to be on time and fashionable, too. It will match your flask.

Brattleboro wine lovers should enjoy this special wine stopper, featuring the Main Street clock face. What time is it? Time for some wine!

As always, look for the coupon codes at the top of the site for daily deals, and save some money.

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