The Brattleboro Shop – Retro Brattleboro Posters

Our final look at The Brattleboro Shop this season is a tour through our Retro Brattleboro Poster section.

Here you’ll find six original works of art featuring notable, iconic Brattleboro destinations. All were done in the style of screen printed travel posters from days gone by.

The series includes:

The Brooks House on Main Street in Brattleboro, perhaps the most recognizable Brattleboro landmark.

The Centre Congregational Church white facade and clock tower.

The Creamery Covered Bridge, Brattleboro’s best-known covered bridge.

The Retreat Tower, our gothic stone tower in the woods.

The Latchis Theatre, home of hotel, theaters, and sometimes something else.

The Harris Hill Ski Jump, our winter sport destination.

The default size for these is 24” x 36”, but you can choose almost any size down to 4” x 6” and you can choose to have them framed or frame them yourself.

Perfect gift for Brattleboro lovers, organizations, retirees, birthdays, holidays, and so on. They’ll look good in a home, school, or office.

You can also get these in postcard form.

And, as always, look for the codes for big savings. (As I type this Monday morning, all posters are 50% off! A steal, so act quick.)

Share some Brattleboro this holiday season….

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  • Chris, I meant to tell you

    Chris, I meant to tell you that I got my Brattleboro postcards a few days ago and they are beautiful! The colors are much richer than they looked on my phone and the quality of the card is very nice.
    I tied each set with a red grosgrain ribbon and put them in small wooden boxes and they look wonderful.
    Now, I just have to decide who deserves to get these as a Christmas gift!

    • Great!

      Excellent! Glad they worked out for you. Great idea to use them as part of the boxes.

      Lotsa good stuff here for Brattleboro fans. I’d be happy with one of almost anything… : )

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