Canadians Got To Start Growing Recreational Marijuana This Weekend – It Won’t Be Legal Until Summer Under Their Law!

Last night on AM talk radio I heard that Canadians had built a huge marijuana grow operation the size of 23 football fields. Today, I checked the internet news. Well, God Bless our relatives and neighbors to the north, they have gone all out! This gave me another idea: why don’t we, the Americans, apply ahead of time for Federal Farm Subsidies, because naturally marijuana will be legal soon under federal laws in the United States of America.

NEWS FOR WORLD’S LARGEST MARIJUANA GROW-OP Something exciting just happened in Canada, Canopy Growth got funding and licensing to start the world’s largest marijuana greenhouse operation, even though marijuana will not be legal for recreational use until the end of this summer, 2018 under their new Canadian law.  

 They are allowed to start growing now!

Greenhouses in Langley have been turned into what operators are calling the largest licensed marijuana production facility in the world.

The high-security, 1.3-million-square-foot greenhouses were previously used to grow bell peppers.

Canopy Growth says plant clones arrived at the facility Saturday.

Massive BC greenhouses converted to grow pot.

A shipment of cannabis plant clones arrived at YVR airport Saturday morning bound for the 1.3 million square foot plant in Langley.

  “In this big pristine greenhouse we’re going to be loading it up with cannabis clones,” said Jordan Sinclair, director of communications for Canopy Growth.

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