Brattleboro One-Day and Annual Passes Available

Brattleboro Admission Ticket

Welcome to a new way to explore Brattleboro and Downtown Brattleboro. 

The office of tourism revenue is introducing new one day and annual passes in an effort to encourage people to come to Brattleboro.

The One Day Fun Pass, $46.00 (plus tax) admits one, age 10+, to Brattleboro and Downtown Brattleboro for a full day.

Visitors can add the optional “Woods and Water” Package (additional $20.00) to be able to walk on trails and enjoy the recreation of the West and Connecticut Rivers.

Additional shopping and dining packages are also available. Parking fees and local option taxes are not included in the price of admission.

The Golden Year Pass is an annual pass that allows for additional savings. Starting at $486 per year, to admit one to Brattleboro and Downtown Brattleboro for a full year (not including holidays; subject to blackout dates; other restrictions and fees may apply).

Golden Year Pass holders get all the benefits of the One Day Fun Pass, and are eligible for up to 10% savings for selected dining events and up to 10% off purchases of official Brattleboro and Downtown Brattleboro merchandise. Some restrictions apply.

Income projections suggest that on average, 1,200 tickets will be sold each day during colder months, and up to 5,200 on nice days. Supporters claim that this will result in just over $8 million in revenue each year, “free, with no possible consequences imaginable.”

To meet the anticipated volume, residents within Brattleboro will be required to purchase tickets. They may be available at a reduced rate, depending on the outcome of the upcoming selectboard meeting.

The Town will create six full-time ticket seller positions with complete benefit packages to handle the anticipated demand. Ticket booths will be installed by DPW at all major roads in to Brattleboro beginning in early April.

Those without vaild admission will be subject to fines, fees, and ejection for the day.

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  • Monorail included?

    Just wondering if the Brattleboro Monorail will be included in the daily pass or whether we’ll need to purchase tickets separately?

    • Transportation

      That will be an additional charge. We need your money to pay for the things we can’t afford but want really badly.

  • Lifetime passes for seniors?

    We don’t want to miss anything that happens in beautiful downtown Brattleboro. A reduced lifetime fee for seniors would be greatly appreciated. Can’t wait to ride the monorail, even at an additional charge.

  • Unethical behavior

    I saw some people sneaking in.

  • Office of Tourism Revenue met and decided:

    Senior discounts will be available to those 65 and over willing to sit in the ticket booths and volunteer for the Town. These are 10 hour shifts, with a generous 15 minutes for lunch. It was originally a 4 hour shift, but Town Meeting Representatives felt that as 10 was bigger than 4, it must be better.

    The problem of people sneaking in is a serious one. We’ve decided to put out bids for a security service as well as a system of cameras to monitor park… er, Town edges.

    The wall was discussed and found to be an excellent idea. Seniors will receive discounts for volunteering to work 10 hour shifts building it.

  • Just seniors building the wall?

    What about heart attack patients… is it fair to deny them the opportunity to get discounts for 10 hour shifts building the wall?

    Pushing wheelbarrows full of stone and sand and mixing concrete can be great therapy for recovering coronary disease patients: Much better than the treadmills and other exercise machines currently used in cardiac rehab.

    • Good Suggestion

      The original plan was to have them push ticket holders around in wheeled vehicles, but help with the wall is needed.

      Taken under advisement.

      They may also be needed to operate the new attractions that we’ll be building with all the profits.

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