Space Force Base Proposal

Proposal: Motioning contracting a Space Force base in Brattleboro by direct democratic public vote

Reasoning: In empathetic awareness to both the current local populaces’ needs and sensitive to futures’ quality of life benefits from now initiating negotiations on how to ethically manage a Municipal Space Station for universal peace, travel, resource sharing, and developing Earth conservation sciences which are conscientious of and cooperative with world interests. People employed by the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation would be appropriate business liaisons mediating between the military, government, and labor unions. Base investors will comply by funding planting for 1 and 1/5 edible (non apple) trees into orchards for every tree cut down for base & orchard construction.

  • No sonic, nuclear, missile, bomb, chemical, hazardous, or lethal weapons are allowed to be developed, manufactured, transported to or from, or stored on site

Context: The United States’ Space Force (USSF) protects interests in space and provides space capabilities. USSF responsibilities include developing military space professionals, acquiring space systems, and maturing doctrines for space.

Presently, there are twelve Army bases with more supporting department facilities, hospitals, and clinics in Vermont. Branches include Camp Ethan Allen, National Guard, Homeland Security, Air Force, Army Reserve, and the Coast Guard of Vermont. Our closest VT state Windham county facilities are in Westminster and Townshend, with three northern located in Windsor County. The rural landscape is prime territory for launching. 


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