New Community Solar Array

ISA Announces Launch of New Community Solar Array

Brattleboro, VT – Integrated Solar Applications (ISA) has announced a limited opportunity to join a new community solar array entitled “ISA Exit 1 Solar”. The array is located on 13.8 acres owned by the company, on Canal Street in Brattleboro, serviced by Green Mountain Power. It will provide direct access to renewable energy, enabling members to reduce their electricity bills and carbon footprint, without having to install or own a solar array on their property.

Members will pay an upfront cost for the panels, with ISA assuming all responsibility for permitting, installation, insurance and maintenance. Members will receive energy credits directly on their Green Mountain Power monthly utility bill, and will have the ability to transfer their net metering credits to another home or business anywhere in Green Mountain Power Corporation’s service territory. Pending availability, members may purchase Energy Credit Shares in an amount up to that which will zero out their GMP annual energy cost.

Community solar is one of the most powerful tools we have to provide affordable solar energy to all American households, regardless of whether they own a home or have a roof suitable for solar panels.          –U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm


The demand for clean energy, such as solar power, has been growing exponentially*, as consumers want to minimize their climate impact as well as their electric bills, and maximize their tax benefits. However, for some, having panels at home is not viable, due to shade or other structural issues. The community solar array offers an alternative.

Vermont State Employee Credit Union (VSECU) is ISA’s financing partner, offering discounted interest rates on loans for solar investments and interest rates based on income for other qualifying energy efficiency upgrades.  Anyone that lives or works in Vermont can become a VSECU member.

ISA Exit 1 Solar is fully designed and permitted; sitework has commenced and the project will be completed during this 2022 construction season.  Membership in ISA Exit 1 Solar is limited and will be sold on a first come, first served basis; interested parties are encouraged to contact ISA at their earliest opportunity.

Integrated Solar Applications (ISA) was founded in 1975 as Solar Applications Company, renamed in 2008, with a focus on combining technologies to achieve net zero energy solutions. ISA has expertise in solar photovoltaic, geothermal, heat pumps (mini-split), heat pump water heaters as well as hybrid systems that combine these technologies. ISA is a leading installer of photovoltaics in southern Vermont ranging from small residential to commercial and utility scale projects.

For more information, contact: Maria Basescu, Communications Director, 802-257-7493,


*Solar power has been growing at a rate of 26% in each of the last two years – EIA’s Electric Power Monthly, Feb. 2022

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