Theory Wellness Announces Expansion into Vermont Recreational Cannabis Market with Brattleboro Location

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Theory Wellness Announces Expansion into Vermont Recreational Cannabis Market with Brattleboro Location

A leader in East Coast cannabis, Theory Wellness announced plans to open in their third state to bring their world-class retail operations to the blossoming Vermont cannabis industry. 

[Thursday—September 29th, 2022] Theory Wellness (“Theory” or “the Company”) has announced plans to enter the Vermont recreational cannabis market with a retail location in Brattleboro. The announcement comes on the eve of recreational cannabis sales, expected to begin as early as October 1st. Vermont will soon become the 3rd East Coast state to offer recreational cannabis sales.

Theory is no stranger to emerging recreational cannabis markets, being one of the first in Massachusetts and opening on day one of adult-use cannabis sales in Maine. However, unlike the other states, they intend to focus on retail, a pivot from their vertically integrated models in surrounding markets.

“Vermont is one of the most interesting regulatory models on the East Coast for cannabis. The emphasis on streamlined licensing for craft farmers will allow for a terrific mix of top-quality products in our dispensary. By focusing on retail, we look forward to showcasing to our customers this unique network of local cultivators, many of which have been producing high-quality flower for years,” shares Brandon Pollock, CEO of Theory Wellness.

As of today, the Vermont Cannabis Control Board has approved over 200 licenses for cultivation sites across the State. Theory looks forward to serving customers with its location at 768 Putney Road, currently under construction. The location will add new jobs to the town, in addition to contributions relating to the 14% in excise taxes on sales.

While there is no official opening date for their Brattleboro dispensary, the Company expects to be operational this fall. Their progress and status of the retail location can be found on their website.

About Theory Wellness

Theory Wellness. is an independently owned and operated cannabis company that cultivates
and manufactures cannabis, and serves patients and consumers in Massachusetts, Maine, and
soon to be Vermont. Theory sources unique genetics and creates premium products that
include flower, concentrates, edibles and infusions, and brands. For more information, visit

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