Food for Discussion – Superheroes

Who is/was your favorite superhero and why?

To get the ball rolling:

Mine was Plasticman. He could change himself into any shape imaginable, but you could always tell it was him because the new shape always retained his features: Hair, sunglasses, smile, red costume, striped belt and diamond belt buckle.

BTW, does anybody remember the name of his clumsy sidekick?

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  • Hmm

    I’m not sure I admired any superhero folks as a kid. I recall enjoying watching Superman, Batman and Shazam on TV, but wasn’t really into comic books. Never had any action figures. I was more impressed by pirates, lion tamers, astronauts, and magicians. Houdini and Walt Disney would have been my superheroes for a time.

    More recently, Mr. Incredible and his family have been impressive (especially when he helps widows navigate the insurance claims process).

    • As the youngest girl (for 9

      As the youngest girl (for 9 years,anyway) with 3 older brothers I knew of super heroes only second hand – in the 50s the biggie was, of course, Superman and I can vaguely remember my brothers listening to the Green Lantern on the radio. But from 6 – 8 years old I desperately wanted to be a lion tamer. Now, of course I know that they -magnificent big cats of all species – do not want to be tamed – just left alone and not killed needlessly. But, then it seemed like the most exciting thing a person could be. Although every once in awhile I would let my fickle 6 year old mind contemplate being Dale Evans. Because I did have a very awesome cowgirl outfit. Which I miss to this day.
      But my 3 boys and now my grandson were super hero obsessed- Batman, Spiderman,
      the Hulk. Aqua Man…my house was filled to overflowing with tiny plastic figures with amazing powers and stacks of comic books that were read way past bedtime. I guess we all need a super hero or two in our lives…

  • Sue Richards

    The Fantastic Four’s Invisible Woman. I thought it would be really cool to be able to sneak around unseen.

  • nanananananananah!

    Batman, always Batman. In comics, on tv. I slept with a Batman handpuppet, even remember the smell of it. He didn’t have superpowers, he was just a guy who fought for the good side. My brothers liked the superpowered- Superman, Green Lantern, Submariner. I’ll keep Batman.

    • 101 Batman Jokes

      All my money went into baseball cards, marbles, fishing gear, or candy. Any comic books I saw were second hand. I liked Superman, but Batman by being on TV was the prominent one.

      My brother got a book of 101 elephant jokes from Scholastic Books. So we came up with the idea of making our own book: 101 Batman Jokes. We collected or made up jokes and did our own illustrations…we had maybe 15 or 20 when we ran out of steam.

  • Robinhood

    …not just because of those tights, either.

  • Slightly off topic maybe but..

    Has anyone heard the song on the River during the Spare the Rock Spoil the Child hour that is about “The Worst Super Power Ever” ? Hilarious!!!! Link below..

  • OG[reek] superhero

    Superheroes come and go…the one with the most staying power for me is Hercules.

    All through my life I’ve been thinking about the lessons embedded in his labors.
    As a kid it was easy to just see him in terms of super strength. Those twelve zodiac inspired tasks looked a lot different then. With adult eyes I could see the powers of myth at work.

    Using too much force, failing to grasp the root, washing out the stench..the little pieces of lesson that he fails or succeeds in, show so much about how to face our travails, and persevere…..

    Going to have to take another look..

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