Are We Trustworthy? Laptop Stolen

I have the sweetest daughter. Roia is my angel. She has a mild form of autism called aspergers. She loves her life, family, faith, pets and her music. Although not true, Roia will tell you she is nothing without her music. Music is her connect, her happy place that sets her soul free in these bittersweet times.

Roia is also one of the most ethical and moral people I know. In a heartbeat she would and has given a beloved treasure to a child in need.Sometimes we take away treasures more precious than things.

TRUST,FAIT,CERTAINTY, that we can be safe, and pieces of our selves stay unmolested by others. After several years of collecting probably thousands of favorite songs and graphics which where painstakingly sorted and logged, Roia’s laptop was stolen from our white Toyota Solaris, in the Price Chopper parking lot on Tuesday 6/11 between 7:15 and7;45.

Lap top is white older Hp dvd pavilion with j key missing, and had Cinderella wallpaper. the computer bag is a Betsy Johnson, black with strawberry/rose sparkles and handle. Also taken was a pink ipod/ipad charger. I know times are tough from personal experience.

I also believe if you do the next right thing the next right thing will happen. Please help reunite Roia with her beloved music, she deserves it. Blessings to all you folks. The Buckley’s 18 Prospect St #1, Brattleboro V.T 05301.or Text at 802-258-0197

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  • Sorry to hear about this...

    Sorry to hear about your daughter’s computer being stolen. Does Price Chopper have security cameras they can check?

  • Laptop Returned

    Update sent to us:

    Sometimes good things do happen, especially when we appeal to a persons higher nature, and then let go. Thank you to the person and the powers that be, for reuniting Roia with her laptop. She is overjoyed to have her music back. We cannot possibly begin to perceive what has significant value to an other person. A good reminder to strive for the higher path, know we all make mistakes, and help each other along the way

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