Part 9 Federal Marijuana Laws – Where’s The Roadside Drug Test?

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  • Wow. You have a lot of time

    Wow. You have a lot of time on your hands

  • Response to Bob Fagelson: clicking can be done quickly!

    Hi! Bob!
    Clicking can be done quickly!
    Click to search
    and use the search term: marijuana
    or marihuana or cannabis.
    Now, how many seconds did that take you?
    Can a high school teacher
    teach an entire class of students
    in 15 minutes
    to use the free online federal law library?
    If so, why aren’t they doing that
    so kids will be warned and informed of the laws?
    How long will it take the teacher
    to teach the young students
    to cut and paste?
    Next, the kids only have to learn to read!

  • Response to KAlden: time or desire to read? or time in JAIL???

    Response to KAlden:
    time or desire to read?
    or time in JAIL???
    When are school kids going to be
    taught that lack of knowledge
    can end them up in jail?
    How many people have gotten
    off on marijuana charges
    by saying, “gee whiz, I thought
    it was legal by now.”

  • Brevity is a skill

    Do you honestly think that anyone – “kid” or otherwise- is going to bother to read such a long winded post? Anything of value that you might have to say is lost in the ridiculous lengths and exaggerated writing style of your posts.
    I’m pretty sure that most kids today are very computer savvy; know how to find information and dispense it in a concise and readable manner and, I bet- even know how to cut and paste the important parts. As another commenter said – clearly you have a LOT of time on your hands.

  • KAlden's Contradiction!

    KAlden, you state that I cut and paste without editing,
    and apparently this justifies YOU stating that I have a lot of time
    on my hands,
    where as, if I do not have time to EDIT,
    then I simply cut and paste the whole thing,
    and let someone else do the editing,
    if they chose to do so.

    By not editing,
    I am exhibiting the opposite
    of having a lot of time on my hands.
    If I had more time,
    then I could take the time to edit.

    For example, if there was anything you thought,
    in particular, that Governor Phil Scott
    or the state legislators should be looking at
    in the federal law,
    you could cut and paste a section in a comment,
    and remind them that federal law preempts state law.

    Now, none of us who care about marijuana legalization
    in Vermont have much time left.
    Today is Monday, June 19, 2017 and the
    Legislative Veto Session begins
    June 21, 2017.

    If I have time, I will do Part 10 Federal Marijuana Laws:
    International Law, the Treaty we are held to on Drugs.

    Do you want to discourage me from bothering to educate
    the public?

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