Afghan Giants

This is a purported giant killed in Afghanistan.

The caption (Government cover-up for giants) has to be a pun.

According to a USAF pilot, he flew this Afghan giant’s body from Kabul to the US. Notice: this is a drawing, not a photograph.

I believe it to be a hoax.

On the other hand, this IS a photograph, taken from the window of a moving car.

Compare his size with the car.

I don’t believe it’s a hoax.


This may or may not be the same guy. He’s resting his fist on a marine’s helmet. He looks like a friendly guy to me.

It’s possibly a photoshop hoax, but I don’t think so.


As a kid, I went to see the Ringling Bros. circus every year when it came to NY. They had a giant in the sideshow as big as the Afghan dudes. He used to sell souvenir finger rings that would be bracelets for ordinary folks.

I once knew an engineer who was almost as big. Except for his size, he was a normal guy with a wife & kids.
He worked in NY for Bechtel.

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