NY Bridges

The iconic Tappan Zee Bridge, crossing the Hudson at its widest part about 25 miles north of midtown Manhattan, just closed after 60 years of service.

 A replacement bridge, the New Tappan Zee Bridge, ((costing about $4 billion) has been placed into service,
although it will not be completely finished until next June.

For comparison, the George Washington Bridge, connecting Fort Washington in upper Manhattan to Fort Lee, NJ opened 86 years ago in October 1931. It is still in service.

55 years ago, a lower level, locally known as the Martha Washington Bridge was completed.

The Brooklyn Bridge, which is still in service, was opened in 1883 (134 years ago).

For the record:

Tappan Zee lasted 60 years

George Washington still going strong after 86 years.

Brooklyn Bridge going well for 134 years.

Progress is our most important product.

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  • Bridges should last longer

    My own bridgework had to be replaced after not much more than a decade.

  • The Tappan Zee was built

    The Tappan Zee was built across the widest part of the Hudson, just so it wouldn’t be under the jurisdiction of the NY Port Authority

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