Navel Engagement

I’m watching a documentary which features a number of paintings by famous Old Masters.

Many of these depict Adam and Eve with navels.

Since neither was “born of woman” in the usual manner, how did they get them?

Another crazy question:

Where did this Egyption get a wristwatch?

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  • Oh ye of little faith!

    The Creator can do anything. Having created the Universe, a couple of belly-buttons are nothing for Him.

    As for the ancient Egyptian timepiece: That’s obvious. The mythological creature has no place to keep a pocket watch, so she had to resort to a wristwatch. 

  • The times, they are a-changin'

    I’m listening to VPR right now, (12/5/2017 3:22 PM) and the speaker is Cullen Murphy, the son of the artist who drew the comic strip “Prince Valiant”.

    At that time, artists were not permitted to depict navels in their work.

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