2020 Creeps Up

Probably because of all the other distractions of the world, 2020 is sort of sneaking up on us. It’s the turn of a decade and the start of our third decade of the 21st century. It has the symmetrical 20’s in there, too. One would think we’d be growing in decade-related hype by now.

2000 ushered in some big changes, and those 20 and under have lived with them just about their entire lives.

If you are about 20 now, you’ve never been able to simply cross the border and go to Canada without a passport. The war in Afghanistan has been going on almost your entire life. Russia was a friend first, and now an enemy.

Schools have always had metal detectors and armed guards. Trading prescriptions at school is common, as is having phone. There is no such thing as privacy.

For those over 20, the last two decades have brought these changes to us as new realities. We can protest, but in an approved free-speech zone and only if we are polite and don’t upset anyone. Whether we can fly on an airplane now depends on small quantities of liquids and our shoes.

2020, in theory, still sounds futuristic to me. Sure, it is a couple of weeks from now so things will likely be very similar to how they are today, but jet packs and flying cars seem like things that should come around in a year called 2020. They were due in 2000.

2020 seems ripe with potential. From a design point of view, being able to work with two 2’s and two 0’s is a treat. It will be hard to make 2020 look bad in a layout.

From a global point of view, the new decade seems likely to bring with it continued unrest and uprising, and certain increased tensions over climate issues.  In politics, I expect more of the same, but just a little bit worse.

What I’d like most in the next decade is to be pleasantly surprised. It would be nice if something changed for the better, unexpectedly and without prodding. Those under 20 will do it, I know. I’m hoping the grown-ups are the ones who are surprising. 2020 needs it.

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