The Kaaba is an ancient structure In Mecca, Saudi Arabia, that is sacred to Moslems. On pilgrimage, people circumambulate it (walk around it) endlessly.

I am struck by the resemblance of the VT Yankee building to the Kaaba.

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  • Pictures

    There’s a couple of pictures that illustrate the point, but unfortunately, they weren’t published.

  • Yes, unfortunately...

    And, unfortunately, they were not ORIGINAL photos and the copyrights were held by others.

    (We’ve seen an uptick in the number of law firms trying to sue y’all for copyright infringement, so if the photo isn’t clearly your own, we’re being safe to save you trouble. Some of these places demand as much as $30k for this sort of unauthorized use. Really.)

    This is a case where a wordier description would also make the point: They are two large, dark, square, box-like buildings and therefore similar. : )

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