Looking For An FM Radio

I like to listen to Vt Public Radio. I live downtown in a brick building, and I can’t get good reception.

Does anybody have an old FM radio that uses an external antenna?

Price is negotiable.

Call me at 802-257-1829

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  • VPR other choices

    Google VPR streaming. You can listen on your internet device.


  • Make one!

    Am I remembering correctly that you worked in the electronics world? How about a radio kit:


    has one with 14 transistors and 4 diodes to assemble.

    Might be a fun project. I remember making a crystal radio (AM only) as a kid. It worked great, but I had to go into the bathroom and tie the antenna to the sink drain. Then I could rock out!

  • electronics world?

    I spent most of my career in the Power end of the industry, which is very different from electronics.
    When I was in High School, I used to make tiny transistor AM radios. They, too, needed to be connected to something like a sink drain.
    In class, I sat near the radiators so I could clip on to one of them. I used an earbud. The teachers didn’t have a clue.
    I was very popular because I always knew the score of the Yankee games.

    • Relive the magic!

      Just think of how much fun this winter would be listening to scores next to your new homemade radio… : )

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